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Our products are based on photography and 360 degree VR performed by Adobe Flash Player. It means everyone is able to look and use our interactive solutions. The purpose of our products is to let your customers to have a better experience of your products and/or your place. The bigger difference between a normal photo and a 360 VR picture is that 360 VR are interactive: is the user that decides what to look and how to look at… The users can rotate, zoom, look details and proportion. This level of interactivity has never been possible by traditional photography. In this way the user goes through an immersive experience, and is sure about the real quality of the product or the place. All this enhance the visual communication between the company and his costumers.

Some people think that 360 Virtual Reality is an expensive technology, but our price are equivalent to traditional photography. (a BASIC OBJECT VR or a BASIC-P PANORAMIC VR costs just only 600 Chinese RMB).

Other people think that the files are too big, but our output can be customized for any needs, a 300 x 300 pixel solution is under 300 KB (it loads in less than 3 seconds on a normal connection of 1 megabits).

Let’s give a look on how we realize the products.


Object VR - Fashion VR

For Fashion VR and Object VR the process is the same, the difference is that for fashion the subject is a model or a mannequin . The simplest solution is enough for the most of the products. It is a single row 360. With this you can look around the object, but just along the “equatorial line”. We shoot just one row of pictures, making from 10 to 36 shots. The illustration below is a symbolic explanation, in reality we rotate the object, we don't run around it.


Object VR  1 row
Single row solution: the shooting is made along only one line.

To have the possibility to look from different vertical angles we repeat the procedure of shooting, making other rows. (up to ten) This solution is good if you have something important to show from different angles, for example from the top.

Object VR multirow
Multi row solution: the shooting is made along multiple lines, from 2 to 10. Every line is shot from different angles.


Object VR multi row
Multi row solution: in this way we cover the entire surface of the object.

Then we use multimedia tools to combine the pictures, we make an interface and we give interactivity to the final implementation.




Panoramic VR

For the Panoramic VR the principle is the same as in the Object VR. Also here we have rows, but this time the camera rotate on a pivot and the subject is an environment. We cover the entire panorama that is around us. The final output is a spherical panorama.



Panoramic VR  Process
Spherical panorama: the shooting is made rotating the camera.


With this technique we can shoot any kind of environment,  from the interior of a car to something huge. Then it's also possible to connect different spherical panoramas together in a VIRTUAL TOUR to navigate from an environment to another one.






Studio Photography

Almost everything is possible in studio. We find the best light and frame for your products.



Panoramic VR  Process
In studio: any kind of pictures is possible.


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We are based in China – Shanghai, but we can work for customers around the world.


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