1.  It's cheap
It's immersive
It's interactive
It's a clear representation


1.   Analysis of your needs
2. Establish the project goals
3. Efficiently find a solution that minimize the costs
4. Shooting in studio or in your place
5. Pictures editing to enhance the results
6. Creation of the Object VR or the Panoramic VR
7. Online preview with client approval
8. Final delivery with help for HTML integration


Any factory or shop who wants to enhance the representation of their products.


- Real Estate
- Hotels
- GYMs
- SPAs
- Restaurants, pubs
- Showrooms
- Amusement parks
- Golf coursesys


- Fashion Designer
- Fashion Students
- Fashion Brands
- Fashion Markets
- Fashion Models
- Fashion Showrooms


360PhotoMedia is a Product Photography, Panorama Photography and Interior Photography Studio based in Shanghai. We focus on your products and your place, using high quality photography and technology to generate increased sales by the internet. By our interactive immersive solutions, Customers can experience your items and your location in a way close to reality, such way has never been possible by traditional photography.




For both OBJECT VR 360 degree and PANORAMIC VR 360 degree we use a sort of stop motion technology: many pictures are taken from different angles. But here the user controls the 3D player, in this way he can look the object or the panorama from every angle.


Almost reality
Looking around in a PANORAMIC VR integrated with geo-positioned sounds, is something that gives the feeling to be inside the place.
  Almost tangible
In the same way looking an OBJECT VR from every angle gives you the illusion to have the product in your hand.
  Full 360 details
Style, details and Design are wisely enhanced by a FASHION VR.



Enhancing products visual communication !




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After we agree about the project, we establish a date for the shooting. After that we are able to give the completed project within 2 weeks. Our goal is fine and fast.
We have many solutions, and we’ll help you to find the one that better fit your needs. 360PhotoMedia makes an analysis of your web site and evaluates your project goals. The purpose is to optimize the style of the photography and the effectiveness of the navigation to have the best impact on your customers.
You can contact us in three way: Skype, email, form
Skype: User 360PhotoMedia. Usually you can find us after 10 AM (GMT + 8).

"The virtual tour is one of the most visited pages on our website and gives people a really good idea of what their future apartment will look like. If you are looking for a company to make a virtual tour/360 degrees tour of your property, no need to look any further: the professionalism, flexibility and service level of the 360photomedia team is extraordinary and I would definitely use them again in the future."

     Alex De Ceuster
     Shanghai Centre

"Now my customers can look at my products and have a better perception of features and proportions.
It’s amazing. "

     Mike Fourier

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us
We will answer you as soon as possible
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